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Ways Of Making A Challenge Coin

If you want to create a challenge coin there are easy steps that you need to follow.
A challenge coin is an impeccable gift that you can give to someone and remember. A challenge coin can also be gifted to people to honor them.

Most military and sport teams use challenge coin to gift people. The why challenge coins are very popular it’s because of their nature in customization.

A challenge coin can be created and therefore you don’t require to buy one.

The following Read is going to help you know how to make your own customized challenge coin.

Having the right concept as you create a challenge coin is important as the first step. It is important to consider various factors while looking when looking at the concept such is your budget and quality. For the purposes of durability it is important to ensure you are making a quality object. Considering the scalability and the ease to reproduce is also important .

Considering the material you want to use when it comes to creating a challenge coin is important. Examples of materials that you can use in preparing a challenge coin include linoleum carving tools linoleum blocks and metal Clay. It is important to ensure you are making an affordable challenge coin.

Considering the design you’re going to create a challenge coin with is also important. Design include the size and the thickness of the coin. When it comes to design it is important to be creative so that you can ensure your challenge one stands out.

When you are done with the kind of design you want your challenge coin to look like you can start carving. Ensure you have an image that is simple to work on. If you’re not good at drawing you can use free clip Art Online. Also ensuring that you are lettering is in Reverse form in the printing software will make it appear as it is.

After having the image it is now time to start making their challenge coin. Making the challenge coin is the final process before passing it through the fire. It is important to ensure the clay is rolled and has a good impression.

After you are done with rolling the clay it’s now time to fire their material. If you have a dehydrator it is important that you consider drying the coin before passing them through the fire.

Having a fireproof metal bucket will help you fire the coin in a good way . You can consider it a wood shaving or sawdust to use at the bottom of the bucket.

After passing the coin on fire the last a step is decoration. On the design line you can consider a color that you want to use to apply.
You can be able to create a challenge coin if you are followed the highlighted steps.